Projects Accomplished

Quite a lot of projects have been carried out by Mujib Commercial Center. Below are snapshots of some of them.

13 New Universities: We have undertaken the supply and installation of over 380 sets of various types of distribution boards for the 13 new Universities built by the Government of Ethiopia.

Modjo Dry Port: We have successfully accomplished supply and installation of Light Fittings, 18 Mt and 45 Mt high mast poles and compact substations in the range 800 KVA to 2,000 KVA for the one of its kind port in Ethiopia.

WWCE: Supply of different types of Generating sets.

UNHCR: Supply of Various Electrical Materials

Ethiopian Airlines: Supply of different types of Electrical materials.

Fincha Sugar Factory : Supply of different Electrical materials.

A.A Housing Development Project Office : Supply of different Electrical materials.

SNNPR Housing Development Project Office  : Supply of different Electrical materials.

Defence construction Enterprise: Supply installation and assembly of Air Conditioners, Distribution boards, Light fittings and Light poles for the various projects.

Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority: Supply and installation of UPS, Distribution boards and Telephone cables.

Midroc Derba: Supply of Generating Sets.

Midroc Construction: Supply of Power Cables and Light fittings as well as assembly of Distribution boards.

Sur Construction: Supply of Light fittings, Compact Substation and UPS.


Tendaho Housing Development Project Office: Supply of Light fittings and Assembly of Distribution boards,

Akaki Spare Parts & Hand Tools Sh. Co. Supply of Generating set.

Zamra Construction: Supply of Cables, Switch & Socket, Light fittings and Boards.

Teklebirhan Ambaye: Assembly and Supply of Light fittings, Switch & Sockets and Distribution Boards.

Birhan Tobiyaw Construction: Supply of Power Cables, Light Fittings, Switch & Sockets, Distribution boards.

Akir Construction: Supply and assembly of Generating Sets and Boards respectively.

Yencomand: Supply of Light fittings, Power Cables and Switch & Sockets.

CRBC - China Company: Supply of light fittings, Switch & Socket.

Sunshine Construction: Assembly of Distribution Boards, Supply of light Fittings and Switch and Socket

AMB Construction: Assembly of Distribution Boards, Supply of Cables and Light Fittings.

Flint Stone Engineering: Supply of Power Cables and Switch & Socket, Assembly of Distribution Boards.

EEPCO, Ethio-Telecom, DHGeda and many others.



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